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Demonstrations and Seminars

Over the years, many of Master K's students have mastered their skills with enough proficiency to be ready to compete. Master K brought these students to fight, test their skills, and gain ring experience in amateur Muay Thai bouts. They have fought in cities such as Virginia, Philadelphia, State College, and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, as well as Buffalo, New York. They came to these bouts fighting under the name of the SuriyaSak Muay Thai Team.

Because Master K stressed correct technique and the importance of stamina and physical conditioning, most of his fighters have emerged victorious from their matches. Of these fighters, many have achieved high ranking in their individual weight classes, and some have become Amateur Champions of the U.S. East Coast. Many of Master K's students are currently professional fights.

Battery Park, New York City

Master K and his team have participated in many demonstrations in the Washington, DC area, including the annual Thai Heritage Asian-Pacific Cultural Festival. They are also part of the Karate College Seminar held each year at Radford University in Virginia. Master K has produced a Muay Thai book and four Thai-Boxing instructional videos.

Now that Muay Thai has gained popularity in America, more people are searching out qualified instructors. There are also more opportunities, for those who are interested, to step into the ring and compete at Muay Thai. Master K is available to train anyone who wants to fight as an amateur or as a professional, or who just wants to learn self -defense and gain fitness.

Washington, DC
1993 - 1995